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Energy survery

Nationwide Energy Consultants can offer a FREE STANDARD ENERGY SURVEY to all new clients. Simply call us on 02476 328 995 to book your appointment.

Energy saving and climate change are subjects never out of the news these days and our Commercial Energy Surveys are intended to achieve several objectives. We carry our surveys as a matter of course when attending a C.O.T. or on request, generally when a tenant/lessee has large energy bills and have concerns that they may be paying too much for their supplies.

Energy saving is one of those rare "win-win" subjects. A business taking an active interest in energy saving will increase its profitability and also enhance the overall business value making more money today and protecting and building on the business investment going forward.

Nationwide Energy Surveys provide you with the following:

  1. A clear indication of the current energy efficiency status of each commercial premises
  2. Providing a detailed Energy Survey Report giving the business owner clear guidelines for improving the energy efficiency of the property so that, should they wish to, they can implement the advice given in the energy survey report.
  3. Care is taken to ensure that savings stated in the report are achievable should the recommendations be taken up. We also take care to ensure that any outlay costs required to fund the recommendations are clearly detailed.

On request we can supply an Energy Savings Recommendations report and our Defra listing as well as a number of low energy lighting savings calculations sheets. Low energy lighting represents one of the most significant savings that can be achieved in licensed premises.

Almost 45% of an electricity invoice is represented by the cost of lighting. Low energy lighting can reduce your light energy spend by up to 82% and your overall invoice by up to 37%. It is a simple yet highly efficient saving.

Remember Nationwide Energy can provide a FREE STANDARD ENERGY SURVEY so call us today on 02476 328 995 to discuss how we can help you start saving straight away.


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