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Upgrades and downgrades

Over time, like everything else, your energy consumption needs can change. It may be that an old item of equipment has been replaced by a newer more efficient, your business hours have changed which has changed your consumption patterns or indeed, following a change of use, you may have switched from using energy predominately in the daytime to overnight, or vice versa.

Changes to your energy use pattern can have a significant impact oin your billing amounts. Monitor ongoing usage closely to ensure that you maintain the best and correct tariffChanges to your energy use pattern can happen sometimes without you even knowing but they will start to impact on your energy bills, if the tariff that you have been using was defined as the most beneficial based on your historic usage amounts.

It is vital therefore that you keep up to date with your energy usage by constant monitoring of your energy use and this is where Nationwide Energy can help. Because we build an ongoing relationship with you we are here not only to put you on the right track now but also to monitor your ongoing needs and suggest changes as and when the need arises.

In many cases we have found that business have been using a tariff that has features that are either not needed or are not used, in these cases a downgrade of plan may be required. Many energy plans offer additional features that seem to offer good value but if they are not used then they simply become superficial and as such removing them by changing to a lower tariff that carries the same energy supply but without the frills can sometimes be beneficial.

In the same way as the removal of unused features can be a benefit it is also the case that an upgraded plan with additional features that will be used and will be of benefit may indeed have a beneficial effect on the final bill received.

In both of these cases the decision both initially and ongoing as to the benefits of upgrading and downgrading tariffs can be tricky. Nationwide Energy have years of experience unravelling the detail of energy contracts and while terms and conditions can get ever more confusing our free service followed by our free no obligation recommendation will make everything straight forward and clear.

Contact our Billing & Metering team on 02476 328 995 or email:  and see how much you could potentially save. The service is totally free and it may save you a large amount of money.

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