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Energy Saving hints and tips

Everybody likes to make a saving on their regular bills and when you are running a business these savings transfer straight to bottom line profit which is even better.

Have a look through our energy saving tips listed below and see if your business is "up to scratch" when it comes to saving energy.

  • Only switch the lights on 5 minutes before you open.
  • Be careful to remind your cleaning staff, when they come in, to only use the lights necessary to be able to do the job.
  • Ensure that all lamp shades and globes are clean this will increase the lighting effect.
  • Ensure your windows are clean to maximise natural light.
  • Only switch on lights when required even during trading hours.
  • We recommend checking time switches, especially outside lights on a regular basis. This important fact is often overlooked.
  • Remember to alter the timings Summer & Winter.
  • Fit timers and dusk to dawn sensors on outside lights.

General Electricity saving tips

  • Don’t leave appliances on standby or charge unnecessarily, standby can use as much as 10% - 60% of the electricity used by the device if it was switched on.
  • Ensure your refrigerators are stocked correctly, and ensure that there is free circulation of air around the back and that vents are clean and clear. 
  • Ensure that all door seals are maintained and seal properly and ensure that all doors are kept closed.
  • If you have a multi rate electricity tariff e.g. night & day tariff, use appliances during the lower rate period will save you up to 35% of the cost.
  • Controls such as timers and passive infra reds save electricity by turning lights off when not in use.
  • Dimmers save electricity when used to lower light levels. Be sure to select low energy lights that are compatible with dimmers.


  • Check your radiator thermostats and make sure that they are set correctly. Setting a thermostat too high can increase running costs significantly.
  • Check your boiler on a regular basis and make sure the temperature settings are correct (approx 60-65 degrees)
  • Fit reflective foil behind radiators that ref etc. heat back to the room rather than being absorbed by the wall.
  • If the establishment has areas that are not in use for periods of time, heating should be controlled by the installation zoned valves so as not to heat areas when not in use.

General Gas saving tips

  • Ensure that your time switches are set at the right time also check that the programmer can be set for hot water only, hot water and central heating.
  • Water heating should be a maximum of 60degrees, if the site has a hot water cylinder/tank ensure that it's thermostat is set at no more than 60 degrees.
  • Avoid excess cooling. Air conditioning is rarely needed below 24-26 degrees.
  • Use natural cooling if possible. In the summer keep the doors & windows open and the air conditioning off.
  • Turning down your heating by 1 degree can make significant savings.

For more useful hints and tips regarding all forms of energy and utilities consumption download our free Energy Saving Booklet.

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