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New supplies

If you have never considered changing your Gas or Electricity supplier or reviewed your current contract terms then you certainly need to as a matter of urgency. If you have started this exercise you will know just how confusing it can be, different tariffs, different terms and conditions, lots of jargon and seemingly no clear way to compare different offers on a like for like basis.

Nationwide Energy make things clear, just consider these points:

  • You pay us nothing, our service is totally free to the end user
  • Because of our access to a range of options from suppliers in most cases the deals we can arrange cost less than those arranged direct with the supplier.
  • We have the experience and skills to assess your needs, find the best deal and explain it to you in plain straightforward language that you can understand.
  • We may be paid a commission by suppliers.

In today's economic climate every business needs to look constantly at their costs and continually ask if they can get better value. Nationwide Energy are experts in our field and our services are free, that's the best deal you will ever be offered!

With you all the way:

Our commitment to your business does not stop when we have arranged your new supplier or contract. Because the market is always changing it is vital that you stay ahead and ensure that you are always getting the best value going forward. Our relationship is ongoing and our skilled account managers are there to help you not only with arranging your supplies and contracts but to answer your questions on a day to day basis and to suggest ways in which you can start to cut energy costs at the point of use by helping you take a look at the way in which your business runs and define the areas that can be improved.


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