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Online billing advice

The following provide answers to the most common problems that customers have in relation to their electricity and gas supplies or bills.

Q - I have received my first bill but the rates don’t appear to be what I have agreed?
A - If you have chosen to transfer your supply this may be a bill from the existing supplier for the site and will be based on out of contract rates.

Q – How do I know my bill is accurate?
A – Next to the meter readings show on your bill will be a code to define the type of readings used.
(A) – Actual
(E) – Estimated
(C) – Customer
(R) – Removed
(D) – Industry Estimate
If the readings used are estimated you can read your meter and call your supplier. They will correct any difference between the actual amount of energy used and the estimated consumption either immediately or when your next bill is due, depending on the size of variance.

Q – How can I ensure my bills are always based on actual consumption?
A – It is a customer’s responsibility to take regular meter readings and provide these to the relevant supplier. The supplier is only obligated to read a meter once every 2 years.

Q – What is my supply number (MPAN or MPRN)?
A – Your supply number related to the incoming supply to the property, please see sample bill tab for how this can be obtained.

Q – How do I find my meter serial number?
A – This is located on the front of your meter normally below a barcode and can also be located on your bill.

If you would like any further billing advice please contact our Billing & Metering team on 02476 328 995 or email:


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