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Sample bill

While most bills will have differing layouts the basic information that they carry will be the same. Below is an example of an energy bill and from these details you will be able to find the important details from your own papers.

Example energy bill

  1. Account Number: This is your unique customer number which you will need to quote if you contact your supplier.
  2. Bill Summary: Your bill summary shows charges, discounts and VAT over the billing period.
  3. Total Charges: This is the amount you are required to pay.
  4. Date and Package Details: This is the date your bill was issued, and also the name of your tariff.
  5. Contact Information: Suppliers must provide this information in case you need to contact them about your account.
  6. Electricity Supplier Number: Your electricity supply number (or MPAN) is a unique number assigned to your meter. This is usually located on the front of your bill and can also be found on the meter itself.
  7. Message Panel: The message panel features pricing information, special offers and announcements.

If you would like any further information regarding any aspect of your current bill then please do not hesitate to contact our Billing & Metering team on 02476 328 995 or email:

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