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Smart meters

Smart Meters from Nationwide EnergySmart meters are the next generation of electricity and gas meters.

Smart meters will bring about the end of estimated bills and meter readings, providing customers with accurate information on the amount of electricity and gas being used instantly and on demand.

Smart meters can enable you to make choices regarding how much energy you use and when you use it therefore giving you more control over your rate of consumption and consequently your bills.

Smart meters are two-way communication systems that display accurate, real-time information on energy use in the premises to the consumer and also to the energy supplier.

What can you do with Smart Meters?

  • Negotiate flexible tariffs that measure consumption over set time periods 
  • The same meter can be used for both Gas and Electricity supply.
  • Suppliers will be able to differentiate their tariffs and services through offering alternative means of displaying energy consumption – i.e. through mobiles, the internet or via digital TV
  • Improved accuracy of billing will both keep you in control of current expenditure and assist cash flow by reducing unnecessary spend on energy that has not been used.

Nationwide Energy can advise you on all aspects of Smart Meters and explain and demonstrate how these systems may benefit your business and your ongoing profitability. Call us today on 02476 328 995 for an free informal discussion.

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