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How accurate are your utility bills?

In 2013, a survey of household energy customers found that 28% were being overcharged and that on average these people were paying £121 too much every year.

This problem does not just affect domestic consumers: it impacts upon companies too. The practice of estimated billing, combined with the application of outdated or incorrect tariff charges results in many organisations overpaying – typically by proportions of around 50% per year.

Are you sure your business isn’t being overcharged?

Even if the percentage is relatively small, how much could you be losing each year?

Nationwide Energy can help you in two ways.

Our Billing Team can undertake an audit of your previous energy invoices, going back as far as six years. If you have been overcharged, they can carry out the reclaim process for you and get your money back.

Then, as part of our ongoing service, our staff can validate all of your new bills as and when they arrive so that you avoid any overcharges in future.

Services we can perform for you:

  • Checking final invoices
  • Checking open invoices
  • Resolving billing issues
  • Checking consumption based on actual data
  • Raising disputes on your behalf
  • Filing complaints with the Ombudsman
  • Checking invoices against contract rates
  • Recovering any overspend
  • Ensuring ongoing bills are accurate (provided we are given meter readings)

Some of the things we often find:

  • Clients are being charged out of contract rates
  • Rates differ from those agreed at the beginning of contract period
  • Charges against wrong meters
  • Errors in standing charges

We help you avoid all of these issues and more!

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