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April 2024 Newsletter from Nationwide Energy

april newsletter

A Message From Our Operations Director Gerry…

“Pubs remain resilient and as we move into Spring, hospitality businesses are preparing for increased trade, not least from the two May Bank holidays. While outside areas are understandably a focus, it’s also an opportunity to “spring clean” appliances making sure vents and seals are in good condition, allowing them to run efficiently. Don’t forget to reset thermostats and lighting to reflect seasonal changes. Nationwide Energy’s guide can help identify areas of potential savings.

As a further positive, energy costs despite a recent rise, have over the last 18 months dropped substantially and many operators are agreeing contracts 20 – 30% lower than current rates.

The Nationwide Energy Team remains busy supporting customers with new energy contracts and other solutions such as EPOS, card payments and telecoms. We have a great introductory offer from Elavon. If you need assistance in managing your energy use or costs, resolving any billing or utility-related metering issue or advice on our other services please get in touch.”

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Your April Energy Update…

Commodity costs show continued volatility. Whilst the Middle East remains a focus for geopolitical tension and risk. Its production losses in the Norwegian gas field along with lower renewable generation and colder temperatures that are directly impacting prices. Interestingly the last 2 weeks have seen opposite movements in prices from commodity costs and contract rates. However, more broadly prices are increasing and in the last few days suppliers have been increasing prices by around 5% on electricity and up to 10% on gas. It’s also the case that suppliers are putting smaller increases on 2 & 3 year contracts suggesting they believe the issues are relatively short-term.

Many operators who have contracts ending shortly have been hanging off in the hope of prices falling as they have in previous months. Unfortunately, the average costs have risen consistently over the last 2 months. Whilst not ideal, people with only a few weeks or months left on their contracts are strongly advised to fix soon rather than run the risk of further increases. It remains the case that those coming out of 12-month contracts will still be making significant savings on existing rates.

Nationwide Energy’s field consultants and renewals advisors can provide customer-focused advice, a market review, and updates on available prices. Any customers struggling to pay current rates or who are at risk of default can contact our Billing Team for support and advice on their options.

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Join other hospitality businesses taking their merchant services up a notch…

nationwide energy solutions

At Nationwide Energy, we understand the unique needs and challenges faced by hospitality businesses, which is why we’ve curated a suite of solutions designed to streamline your operations, enhance customer experience, and drive growth.

Here’s a glimpse of what we offer:

  1. Elavon Card Machines: Say goodbye to outdated payment processing systems and hello to seamless transactions with Elavon. These advanced card machines offer fast, secure, and reliable payment processing, allowing you to accept all major credit and debit cards with ease. With rates fixed for the long term, with only a 6 month commitment.
  2. Daisy Broadband Solutions: Stay connected and ensure smooth operations with Daisy Broadband Solutions. Our high-speed broadband services are specifically optimised for hospitality businesses, providing fast and reliable internet connectivity to support your day-to-day operations. With Daisy, you can enjoy seamless online transactions, uninterrupted guest services, and enhanced productivity throughout your establishment.
  3. Epos Now: Take control of your business operations with Epos Now, the leading EPOS solution trusted by hospitality businesses worldwide. From managing orders and inventory to processing payments and generating insightful reports, Epos Now offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline your workflow, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall customer experience.

Ready to transform your hospitality business with our merchant services solutions?

Get in touch with us today to learn more and discover how we can help you achieve your business goals.

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customer reviews

5* service says Emily McNair

I had no intention of looking at my bills until Rowan took the initiative to reach out to me, demonstrating a genuine interest in helping my business without any sales pressure. I gave Rowan one bill and he noticed how high my energy bills were. He promptly arranged a face to face meeting the following day to discuss potential solutions. Through thorough exploration of my options, Rowan found the best deal for my business, beating other offers available in the market. Thanks for helping me and the business.


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