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How We Saved A Customer £11,000

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Customer Results: West End Bar | Airdrie

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Saving a Customer £11,000?!

That’s what Mark & Nicole did recently for a pub in Airdrie, Scotland.

Scott, the owner of The West End Bar got in touch with Mark, our Senior Energy Consultant for Scotland as there had been a serious error by Scottish Power resulting in him paying thousands of pounds that he shouldn’t have been paying.

Read Scott’s story below:

“I had been fighting with Scottish Power regarding the electricity supply at my pub, The West End Bar, for over a year. By mistake a neighbouring business entered a contract with Scottish Power under my supply number. This moved me away from my current supplier (SSE) and Scottish power began billing me on rates I hadn’t agreed so I put in a complaint and refrained from paying my bills until they at least put me back on the rates I had previously. Mark my local consultant from Nationwide Energy Consultants had helped me agree a new gas contract and I told him about the problems I was having with my electricity. He said they could help and made me aware that because they had me on deemed rates, I could switch supplier and then fight my case without the worry of disconnection. He successfully transferred me away from Scottish Power and passed my complaint with Scottish Power To Nicole from their Billing Team . After investigation, Nicole spoke with the Scottish Power Complaints Team and explained that the supply was taken over by mistake.

Due to the supply being moved over without my knowledge, I was being charged higher rates with Scottish Power. As an outcome to the complaint, Nicole asked Scottish Power to implement the rates I was previously on before the transfer. She persuaded Scottish Power to take responsibility for the delays that they have caused in getting this resolved. In turn, they agreed to wipe the balance owing for the period I was supplied by them. This has meant a total saving of £11,180.40.

I’m delighted with the outcome, saving over £11,000 is a massive boost to my business. I wouldn’t have got this result without the assistance of Nationwide Energy, who didn’t charge me anything for all their help in resolving this. I can’t thank Mark and Nicole enough for their support and expertise. I would strongly recommend Nationwide Energy to other hospitality businesses.”

Scott Rae
The West End Bar, Airdrie

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An incredible success story for The West End Bar & for our team. If you’re finding yourself in an unusual situation with your energy, merchant services or broadband services, speak to a member of our team on:

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