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October 2023 Newsletter from Nationwide Energy

nationwide energy newsletter

Welcome to your Nationwide Energy October Newsletter.

I wanted to introduce some changes we are working on in our business, to offer an even more efficient and focused service to our customers. Also to give a brief overview of what’s been going on in the business over the course of October.

New faces in your area

You will know that one of our unique ways of working is having a field sales team so that we can offer face-to-face consultations. We are keen to ensure that we have the right people in the right places to offer the best advice in energy management, merchant services, broadband and energy procurement. This ultimately means growing the team to offer local personalised service with national support.

new faces at nationwide energy

I’m delighted to welcome Steve, Rowan and Rachel to the team who join us this week for their induction training in our head office in Nuneaton.

Steve and Rowan (pictured) who will be supporting our new and old customers in Yorkshire/North-East and South-West respectively. Both have extensive experience in hospitality and small business consulting experience.

Rachel joins us in the Billing and Metering team where her experience in working for an energy supplier, will be a real asset.

Supporting our Pub Co partners

Our Operations Director, Gerry O’Hara was recently invited to give an overview of the energy market and its implications to business owners now and the coming months to the field ops team for one of pub co partners.

“The commodity costs of electricity & gas remain volatile, due to weather patterns, and levels of gas production and renewable generation. However, the most significant factors relate to any escalation of the Israel – Gaza conflict.

The United States recently bombed targets in Syria which were seen as military facilities supported by Iran. Whilst this is intended as a warning shot to Iran to stay out, it may have the opposite effect.

Even if the action by other countries in that region disrupts energy supplies rather than involving military action, it will substantially impact prices given 25 – 30% of global oil & gas flows through the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea.

While prices may rise or fall depending on future events. The scope for prices increases is far greater than the range that they can fall.

If you are waiting for prices to return to levels you were offered a few weeks ago, please be aware that that may not happen and you may end up paying much more than is currently available.”

Wider product range for a wider range of circumstances.

In addition to growing our team we have secured more partnerships with a wider range of telecom providers, waste management and water. More details of these will follow in the coming weeks as we strive to address the challenges most operators are facing.

We would love to hear from our partners and clients about challenges they are facing and to offer any advice we can. Please feel free to get in touch .

Kind regards

James Willis

Sales Manager

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Customer Testimonial: The Old Ivy House | London

“After agreeing a contract with British Gas I was shocked to then receive a £23,000 bill from Ecotricty, the previous supplier for about 6 months electricity use.

I contacted Nationwide Energy Consultants for help and Mia was appointed my advisor. After investigation, Mia came back to confirm that Ecotricty had not completed my change of tenancy when they told me they had, leaving on excessively high out of contract rates ranging from 60-125.50 ppkW.

Mia supported me composing a complaint to Ecotricty which explained how their error in falsely confirming the change of tenancy had been completed resulted in this large balance of £23,000 being owed.

Further, that they weren’t following Ofgem guidelines that deemed contract rates should not be unduly onerous. Within the complaint, Mia had requested for the whole account to be reconciled on lower out of contract rates due to their negligence.

After some back and forth this was investigated and the supplier advised that they would be unable to offer any backdating as the supply had already switched away and that I should contact them to set up an agreement to pay the £23,011.64.

After providing Mia with this outcome, she explained that as the complaint had been ongoing for more than 8 weeks, I could take this to the Ombudsman. She advised that just because the supply had switched away didn’t mean the supplier couldn’t do anything with the rates.

Within a day of this being sent to the Ombudsman the supplier responded back with a proposal. They have now admitted fault and have agreed to honour the backdated rates as requested which has caused me an overall saving of £7,722.31.

I’m delighted with the outcome, saving nearly £8,000 has really helped my business. I wouldn’t have got this result without the assistance of Nationwide Energy and Mia in particular; their support really made the difference.”

The Old Ivy House,



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