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Copper Phone Lines To Be Phased Our from September 2023

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URGENT: Copper Phone Lines To Be Phased Out From September 2023

From September 2023, those on ISDN (copper) communication lines will no longer have access to new lines or, crucially, any support. This is due to the “full fibre” Government rollout expected by 2025, to enable all homes & businesses full access to superfast broadband.

But what does this mean for you now?

Simply put, from September those on copper lines will lose any access to support, and if your existing phone line fails, you will need to wait until a new fibre line is installed before you’ll be operational again. This could potentially be weeks with no phone, no broadband and no EPOS, meaning you’ll be unable to run your business.

It is estimated that 60.7% of small businesses will be affected by this change, please don’t take the risk.

Our advice to you? Be prepared. We are urging ALL customers to avoid any risk by upgrading to fibre now.

If you need support or advice, get in touch with our team.

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Do you already have fibre? Then it’s time for a broadband shake up.

Say hello to Daisy, one of the UK’s largest independent providers of broadband & phone systems now available alongside our range of value added services at Nationwide Energy.

Connectivity is key to running a successful business, there’s no escaping it and with Daisy, you can be assured that you will never be slowed down again.

With Nationwide Energy & Daisy, you select a broadband package that suits your business size and budget. With a variety of options available, you can even opt for superfast fibre with ultrafast download speeds.

Looking to upgrade your broadband solutions? Our team are available to chat you through the best options for your business needs:

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