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Reminder: The PSTN Switch Off Is Coming

pstn switch off

The PSTN Switch Off Is Coming – Are You Affected?

The PSTN is the Public Switched Telephone Network which has been in use in the UK since 1876, and is the traditional way in which we make and receive calls, but it is now old and outdated. Due to this, Openreach are moving everyone onto a fully digital network by 2025.

This means that anyone who still uses a PSTN line, business or domestic by 2025, will no longer be able to.

Even though it won’t cease until then, from September 2023, businesses on these copper communication lines will no longer have access to new lines, or crucially, any support. But it’s not just a “phone line” you need to think about, it’s everything else that currently uses this network to operate.

Ask yourself…

How is your EPOS System run?
What about your CCTV?
Your streaming services?

All of your business systems that run through these lines will be affected by the change. If your existing phone line fails, you will need to wait until a new fibre line is installed before you’ll be operational again. This could potentially be weeks with no phone, no broadband and no EPOS, meaning you’ll be unable to run your business.

Don’t let that happen to you.

We are urging ALL customers to avoid any risk by upgrading to fibre now.

If you need support or advice, get in touch with our team.

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Email: info@nationwide-energy.co.uk

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3 Essential Steps to Take:

steps to take

1.Get the RIGHT connectivity

In a digital world, businesses of all shapes and sizes need to ensure they have robust, high-quality internet connectivity. Luckily for you, we have partnered with Daisy, the UK’s largest, independent provider of telecommunications. Daisy has the power to grow businesses by providing tailored communications solutions to help them connect better with their customers, suppliers and teams.
We know how important fast & reliable broadband is, which is why we’ve got plenty of options to suit every business of every size and budget. The business-grade service also won’t be slowed down by residential traffic and all come readily equipped with cyber-security protection.

2. Check for what else is using your phone line

Businesses often use phone lines for more than just phone calls. For example, EPOS systems, alarms, CCTV and so much more. Upgrading to digital will have an impact on how each of these work. Therefore it is imperative that you track down everything that is running off your PSTN to avoid disruption.

3. Seize the opportunity for change

Upgrading to a digital phone service brings about new opportunities, ways of working and ways to communicate that can really benefit your business.

Cloud-based systems bring about an array of features to integrate into your business. For example being able to work from any device, at any location, at any time, detailed reporting at your fingertips, customer insights and behaviour. The flexibility it brings will pull your business forward.

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