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Here’s What Happened In June

June 2023 Nationwide Energy

Welcome to your Nationwide Energy June Newsletter.

What a month it’s been..

From volatile commodity costs, to change of tenancies, to trade shows, to ensuring our customers know the importance of switching broadband – our team have been working endlessly.

We’ve seen a lot of action in June, specifically with the introduction of “Blend & Extend Contracts” giving customers a solution to rising costs, but, like most contracts, it’s not all as it seems. Scroll down to read more on this.

We also were invited to showcase at the “Meet The Experts” event hosted by Greene King in Swindon. A fantastic event for current & potential pub partners to attend, ask questions, as well as raise commodity cost concerns.

But the most significant element of the month has to be the volatility of the energy market. Increases have been influenced by production losses from Norwegian gas fields and renewed concerns regarding the Russia / Ukraine conflict. As well as data indicating potential recessions in many countries, potentially reducing demand and placing some downward pressure on prices.

Nationwide Energy’s Billing Team, Field Consultants or Renewals Advisors are always available to provide a market review and update on available prices. Please contact us on:-

Should You “Blend & Entend?”


A number of Nationwide Energy customers have received letters from Smartest Energy offering a “Blend & Extend Contract”.

But what is “Blend & Extend”?

Simply put, 1 or 2 years are added to the customers existing contract and the rates are reduced when this new contract is agreed. As was the case with Yu Energy, these offers are more expensive over the term.

However, now that the Energy Bill Relief Scheme has ended and operators are facing the full cost of their existing contract rates, many will feel that it’s a price worth paying.

If you receive such an offer from any supplier, Nationwide Energy’s Billing Team, Field Based Consultants or Renewals Advisors can all provide an alternative costing to your “Blend & Extend” offer, allowing you to make an informed decision.

For more information, get in touch with our team.

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Greene King Tradeshow – Swindon

greene king tradeshow

Gerry & James were invited to The Greene King Trade Show to speak with a range of pub partners, both existing Nationwide Energy customers & those who we hadn’t worked with previously.

While each operators situation is unique, it was clear that they all have challenges in regard to improving profitability. For most it was energy costs, the largest cost and concern even if they currently remain on favourable rates.

Others were looking to make savings across their merchant services in light of recent charge increases from their current provider. Or improve efficiency across their business with new EPOS and payment solutions to allow staff to better serve customers.
Some pub partners were aware of the PSTN switch-off and were keen to discuss what solutions Nationwide Energy could provide in advance of September, when those on copper lines may be unable to get support.

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Spotlight on… Breakspear Arms, Uxbridge

breakspeare arms uxbridge

This month we are shining the spotlight on the Breakspear Arms in Uxbridge. Our Senior Energy Consultant Callum visited operator Mo, and this is what he had to say;

“I recently met Mo at the fantastic Breakspear Arms in Uxbridge. He reached out because he thought he was out of contract since 2021, and he knew we offered face-to-face consultations. We quickly sorted thing out and got Mo into a new contract with better rates. It’s a common issue for businesses to slip into out-of-contract rates, so don’t let it catch you off guard.

As a consultant specialising in energy, merchant services and broadband for hospitality, I am here to help save you on costs and optimise your operations. If you’re facing similar challenges or want to explore better solutions, get in touch. Together, we can make a positive impact on your bottom line.”

If you are finding yourself in a similar situation, book a consultation with one of our field energy consultants like Callum.

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