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Your 2024 To Do List

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Happy New Year!

We hope this message finds you well-rested and ready for an extraordinary year ahead. As we step into 2024, there’s an exciting energy in the air, and we’re thrilled to be right here with you.

In the spirit of a fresh start, we invite you to join us in making 2024 the year of transformation for your hospitality business.

Get your planner at the ready:

1. Revamp Your Energy Strategy: With sustainability, as well as a healthy bottom line, at the forefront, incorporate our Energy Self-Assessment into your new year plans to identify opportunities for efficiency.Our team are here to guide you in adopting better practices that not only benefit the environment but also contribute to significant cost savings.


2. Personalised Merchant Services: Explore the latest advancements in our merchant services designed to simplify transactions, reduce costs, and elevate the overall payment experience.

We can customise a solution that aligns perfectly with the unique needs of your business, whether that be for restaurants, cafes, pubs or clubs.

3. Be Aware: More often than not, customers are caught off guard when it comes to their energy renewal. Which can result in falling into out of contract rates, and bills stacking up. KNOW when you can expect this, and stay on top it to minimise any surprises.

Do you need support? Our Billing Team can advise.

At Nationwide Energy Consultants, we’re committed to supporting your journey to success in 2024.

For any hospitality business that is really struggling with energy costs, or looking for further guidance on reducing energy usage, please contact our team direct.

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