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Business Water

With prices being so competitive, water suppliers are finding other ways to add value to their contracts.

We’ll help you make sense of the range of options out there and find the best deal .

Business Water Contracts

Since April 2017, the SME water market has been de-regulated in England and partly deregulated in Wales. This means that the retail arms of the water companies can compete for your business rather you than having to use your regional supplier.

This process has been tightly controlled by the water regulator, OFWAT, and as a result there is little variation in price between suppliers. Many customers may think that a small saving doesn’t merit switching supplier.

However, Nationwide Energy may be able to save you money by keeping you with your current supplier but getting you a more competitive rate. For the customers who want the best price we can give you a range of options.

Because of the tight controls over costs and prices to consumers many suppliers are focusing on the added value services and benefits that they can offer to make them more attractive. Again your Consultant or Sales Advisor will be able to talk through the merits of each supplier.

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