Help & Support During COVID-19

Help Pubs During COVID-19

During COVID-19, we aim to keep this page updated regularly with relevant help & advice for all the businesses we work with. If you'd like to speak to our team feel free to email us or call us on 02476 328995

In light of the Government ruling for pubs, restaurants, theatres and similar non-essential businesses to close, we are acutely aware of the impact this may have on many of our customers’ livelihoods and the snowball effect it can cause.

25th March 2020: An important update on energy suppliers:

If customers haven’t done so already, they are advised to set up an online account with their suppliers and to submit meter readings on a weekly basis to ensure that bills are based on actual, rather than estimated readings.

Prior to cancelling DD’s customers are strongly encouraged to speak with their suppliers. Several larger suppliers Eon, BGB, Scottish Power have indicated that they will look at low-level DD payments, provide longer-term payment arrangements and that they will not pursue debt or disconnection action during the crisis.

SSE has indicated that they may continue with disconnection action which is already underway. CNG, Yu Energy and Utilita amongst others have indicated a “business as usual” approach.

For further advice and assistance please email us at: or call 02476 328995 and select option 3.


We acknowledge in these uncertain trading conditions that many business owners may encounter challenges or problems paying their utility bills.

Now more than ever we would like to offer our support to anybody who may be struggling to make payments or may benefit from advice on how to reduce their consumption.

We understand a lot of business owners may be considering cancelling direct debits to energy suppliers to maintain cash flow. However, a phone call to the supplier to come to an agreement is advisable as many suppliers will add an extra 5-10% on the rates or in some cases charge out of contract rates which are typically double.

If you or any of your business partners require advice or need support on this, please feel free to direct them to us.

 If you need more advice or are concerned about the impact COVID-19 could have on your business the following links may be of use:

If business owners are due to renew energy contracts over the next 1-6 months, please be advised the following.

Staying in a contract is paramount to helping to keep the cost of energy down.
If business partners allow their contracts to lapse, they will be put on out of contract rates and charged double, making it harder for them to clear the debt once the recovery begins.

Energy prices are low currently & securing a contract when we get through the other side will mean business partners will be on cheaper rates for a longer period of time, only helping with the recovery.

The pace of change is rapid and we endeavour to do all we can to support businesses in these times of uncertainty. If you have any questions or would like to speak to a member of our team we are available on 02476 328995

All the best,

The Nationwide Energy Team