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How One Scottish Pub Saved Over £500 A Month On Their Electricity Costs

With Nationwide Energy's Senior Consultant Gordan Hughes


Laura McSweeney, Owner

" We took over The Green in April 2019. Gordon from Nationwide Energy Consultants visited us at the Change of Tenancy.

He sorted out our energy contracts and gave us some advice about managing costs. We had hospitality experience, but this was our first pub. The pub was wet sales only until the refurbishment was complete. When the kitchen opened we saw our electricity costs rise by about £700 to over £1,600 per month, which was unsustainable.

I got back in touch with Nationwide and both Gordon and the Directors came out to see us, they discussed with us the energy use across the business, and in particular the kitchen. They produced a graph showing how electricity was being used and we identified areas where we could make savings. The chef left and my partner now runs the kitchen, making sure appliances were only on when needed. We made several changes across the business and our electricity costs dropped by over £500 per month to a manageable level.

Nationwide have been very helpful, their advice has helped identify where and how savings can be made. They’ve kept in regular contact to see how things are and have provided further support.

I feel valued as a customer and would definitely recommend them. "

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We saved £500 a month for The Green. How much could we save your business? Get in touch to speak to our expert consultant find out.

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Here at Nationwide Energy, we help pub's identify key areas where they can save their energy & money.

How much of a pubs electricity is used by it's kitchen?
How much of a pub kitchen's electricity is used by refrigeration?
How many pub fridges & freezers have we found to be faulty?
How much energy can you save on your freezer after maintenance?

*numbers based on averages. For more details, see our Pub Kitchens Energy Use Survey.


Gordon Hughes

Hi, I’ve been a Senior Consultant at Nationwide Energy for over 6 years.
In this time I have had great experience of helping businesses reduce their energy costs in the licensed trade.

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