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  • ofgem2


    Ofgem is the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets. They are a non-ministerial government department and an independent National Regulatory Authority, recognised by EU Directives. Their principal objective is to protect the interests of existing and future electricity and gas consumers.

  • uia

    The Utilities Intermediaries Association

    The Utilities Intermediaries Association (UIA) is a Trade Association for those Third Party Intermediaries (Tpis) facilitating energy purchasing contracts between supplier and consumer.

  • energyombudsman

    The Energy Ombudsman

    The Energy Ombudsman is a service set up to sort out disagreements between gas and electricity companies (energy companies) and their domestic and small business customers.

  • carbon trust

    The Carbon Trust

    The Carbon Trust provide specialist support to business and the public sector to help cut carbon emissions, save energy and commercialise low carbon technologies.

  • energysavingtrust

    The Energy Savings Trust

    The Energy Saving Trust is a non-profit organisation that provides free and impartial advice on how to stop wasting energy.