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What is a smart meter and how does it work?

A smart meter is the latest generation of gas and electricity meter. It can send readings directly to your energy supplier for more accurate energy bills.

If you have a smart meter installed, it replaces any older, standard meter previously in place.

The UK government awarded Smart DCC the licence to create manage the data and communications network that connects smart meters to the business systems of energy suppliers, network operators and other authorised service users of the network.

Smart DCC maintains the secure communication network over which your smart meter sends your energy usage data to your supplier.

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  • Accurate bills

    A smart meter means no more estimated energy bills and no requirement to provide readings to your supplier.

  • Monitor your usage

    The smart meter provides data that helps you see the impact of your energy usage habits right away. This can help you work out ways in which to save energy and therefore money.

  • Upgrading the nation

    Smart meters are part of the vision for a future smart grid, which will help provide low-carbon, efficient and reliable energy to the whole of the UK.

  • Improved tariffs

    The data from smart meters will provide suppliers with much more detailed knowledge and understanding of energy usage patterns. This will help them to offer new types of tariffs, with the opportunity for customers to make savings.