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“ I’ve been the tenant at the Burnett Arms, for many years and have used Nationwide Energy since 2013. In October 2015 my then electricity supplier, Npower, fitted a smart meter. However, although the meter produced accurate readings they ignored them and I was receiving estimates which were much lower than my actual consumption. Before the rebill was done I was being billed various amounts throughout these months before Npower had noticed their problems. In August 2016 Npower realised their error and rebilled my account, I received a bill advising me that I had an outstanding balance of £35,850.12 which they then reduced to £21,016.58.I couldn’t understand how my accounts had got into such a state and why Npower had taken so long to realise their error. They just sent this huge bill without any warning and without any thought about my ability to pay it. 

Because of the errors Npower took £7534.35 off as a good will gesture, leaving a balance of £13482.58. I’ve used Nationwide Energy to sort my energy since I took over the pub and I contacted them to see what they could do. Lucie from their Billing team dealt with me throughout. She obtained all the readings from Npower and calculated that they had billed it correctly, she also took the time to explain clearly what had happened. Lucie then negotiated with them on my behalf and after a lot of effort Npower agreed to deduct another 33% from the bill leaving me with £8988.38 to pay, which was affordable.

Whilst all this was going on, Nationwide were able to move my energy supplies from Npower, which meant they couldn’t disconnect me if we couldn’t get an agreement on this.

Lucie was really great, she kept me informed all the way along and it was a great help to have someone who keep me updated. She certainly negotiated hard with Npower and got a great result.  I doubt that I would have got anything like as good an outcome let alone all the time that I would have spent going round in circles with Npower.

I’ve always been happy with the service from Nationwide in sorting out my contracts. The service that I received from Lucie and her colleagues this year has been a huge help, saving me thousands of pounds and lots of time and worry. I’d recommend them to everyone”

Mr William Gordon

Burnett Arms, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire

“As the Finance Director of a multi-site pub company I value Nationwide Energy’s support in managing energy contracts and costs in our portfolio of pubs. Electricity and gas are inevitable costs for any business and by their nature only attract attention when there is a problem.

All energy brokers offer savings as an essential element of their business. Nationwide’s USP is the simplicity and responsiveness of their service. They appreciate the pressures on businesses and don’t needlessly take up time. I can contact my account manager, Emma, and the necessary action is taken with the minimum of involvement for me.

They allow me to save on energy costs and the time I may otherwise have to spend in dealing with it. I would happily recommend Nationwide Energy to other businesses.”

Robb Harris, Finance Director

Upham Group

It has been a real pleasure to deal with a company who put us as a customer in the forefront of importance from our first telephone conversation when we arranged for the initial interview to the last when we settled our final account.  They always rang back when promised never left standing 'out in the cold' waiting for a reply, together with the terms they have offered for the supply of our energy requirements.

The engineer James who carried out the installation was extremely obliging nothing was too much trouble for him.

The Committee were extremely pleased with Nationwide Energy and can with confidence fully recommend this company.

Dave Prosser

Usk Conservative Club

In August 2008 Iwas sent a back dated electricity bill for £35,210.96p back dated over 43 months. Nationwide was recommended to me by St Austell Brewery Co.

The original bill I received for £35,210.96p was produced when it was established that the bills had been raised to the wrong meter registers, despite regular readings and payments being made.

A full investigation and a breakdown was carried out into the account to establish a resolution on my behalf. This included looking at industry regulations to resolve the issues and liaising with the supplier to negotiate and resolve and reach a full conclusion on the account on my behalf.

A conclusion was agreed with the supplier and the account was re-billed which left the account with a credit balance of £334.41p.

During negotiations, Nationwide kept me fully informed with regular updates of their progress. I could not have resolved this problem without their help.

Rod Gray

Wellington Hotel, Penzance, Cornwall