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Who Our Team Have Helped Recently

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Who Our Team Have Helped Recently…

As energy consultants, our goal is to save anyone in the hospitality industry time and hassle by supporting with your energy needs, broadband solutions, and not forgetting payment services.

We wanted to share some recent success stories that highlight the expertise and dedication of our senior energy consultants. These case studies demonstrate how we can help businesses like yours streamline your operations and achieve your goals.

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cross keys

Case Sudy 1: The Cross Keys Pub – Cottingham

Our Senior Energy Consultant Anthony met with a new customer recently, Zoe, who was about to take on her first pub, The Cross Keys, in Cottingham.

Transitioning to a new tenancy can be daunting, but Anthony was there to assist every step of the way. Anthony helped Zoe sort out her gas and electricity needs efficiently and ensured a seamless transition.

In addition to energy services, Zoe required new tills, so we arranged for EPOS NOW tills to be delivered the next day. We also set up her merchant service to interlink with the tills. When Zoe realised she needed an additional till after opening, Anthony made sure it was delivered promptly the following day.

What a success!

Anthony, Senior Energy Consultant for North West England


Case Study 2: The Horseshoe & The Bull

horseshoe and the bull

Meet Alan and Gail. They took on the challenge of acquiring two additional pubs right before their wedding in beautiful Mauritius. While they were away celebrating their big day, Senior Energy Consultant Jason got to work, ensuring everything was ready to go on their return.

By the time they got back, Jason had set up their internet services, ensuring their new pubs were fully operational without any issues. Alan and Gail could focus on what truly mattered – enjoying their new journey together and managing their growing business.

Jason, Senior Energy Consultant For South East England


the strathaven bar

Case Study 3: The Strathaven Bar

Senior Energy Consultant Mark was invited to a change of tenancy with Gregg and Tamilee, who were taking over the Strathaven Bar. Mark highlighted that it was amazing to see the dedication and drive on show to get the pub opened on a quick turnaround.

Mark was able to assist in setting up energy contracts and getting the ball rolling with the change of tenancy process. Setting them up with fibre broadband and ensuring they get off to the best possible start. Mark had previously met with Gregg and Tamilee two weeks prior to provide some insight and details of how things would pan out on the day. We call this a Pre-COT meeting, and we find this makes sure a smooth transition occurs on the day of the change.

Mark, Senior Energy Consultant for Scotland


These examples showcase our teams commitment to providing comprehensive support and timely solutions for our clients. Whether you need advice on commercial energy, tills, merchant services, or commercial broadband, we are here to help.

If you have recently taken over a new business or are in the process of acquiring a new premises, get in touch and we can offer some help and guidance.

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